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Jororo Native Village Show

$10 – $15
Stadium Seating
30 Minutes

Take a journey back in time and learn how one family survived in the the head waters of the everglades 450 to 1200 years ago. Mississippi mound building culture (Jororo, the forgotten tribe of Florida)

Through various presentations Little Big Mountain will demonstrate the primitive means of living the daily life of the Jororo Tribe. In these demonstrations you will learn about primitive cooking, hut structure, also examples of youth teachings, methods of bone and stone tool and weapon making, and a museum that includes original artifacts dating back 12,000 years ago.

Jororo Village Walkthrough

$15 – $22 1 Hour
All Ages Welcome
2 Person Minimum

Towering Chickee Huts cover genuine artifacts and hand-made creations in the daily workings of the Native American Village. Deeply rooted appreciation for Native American heritage is brought to life for guests through the traditional stories and techniques of their culture that have been passed on to Little Big Mountain from generation to generation within the Big Mountain family.

See our authentic Native American Village replica featuring the rooms of each member of a traditional Native family and how they survived on the swamps. The village is a living history museum that is perfect for all ages to enjoy. Visual examples of skills demonstrated in each hut to show a better understanding how the family would have lived in this time period.

Evolution Of The Weapon

$15 – $22 Evolution of the Weapon!
1 Hour

Go on a journey back in time to Paleo Man and work your way up to the Mississippian Mound Builders. Learn how the weaponry has changed as man begins to gather together and share ideas to evolve from stabbing spears to the bow and arrow!

Weapons demonstrated are:
Paleo – Stabbing Spears
Archaic – Throwing Spears
Woodland – Atl-atl Spear Thrower
Mississippian – Bow and Arrow
Rabbit Stick
“Which one would you like to try”?

Gator Hunt

$15 – $22
Gator Hunt!
1 Hour

One of the most asked questions here at The Jororo Native Village is “How did the Natives hunt alligator 500 years ago”? Well this show will take you back to a time when gators were growing much bigger and salt water crocks were of an abundance and were also a large source of food! Learn old techniques on how they were able to hunt and put this stable food source in the cook huts! An informative show with examples of tools and techniques.


The Jororo Native Village

“The Jororo Native Village is a full scale living history Village used to take you back in time and show you how one family would have lived in the Headwaters of the Everglades 500 years ago!


With 3 new 1 hour shows Little Big Mountain will take you back in time with history and primitive skills that will leave you with a better understanding and why they were called “Jororo, the Forgotten Tribe of Florida”!


Jororo Village Walkthrough
Evolution of the Weapon
The Gator Hunt (No live gators will be used for this show)
The Jororo Native Village is Native Owned and Operated.
Little Big Mountain is Osceola County Small Business Owner.
GoNativeNow! True Native True Native History!!

Working Hours

9 am – 5 pm
9 am – 5 pm
9 am – 5 pm
9 am – 5 pm
9 am – 5 pm
9 am – 5 pm

Who I Am

Oskwanontona Pia roya

My name is Oskwanontona Pia roya! I am of the Comanche Nation from my dads side. Oklahoma-Texas. And on my moms side First Nations, Federal Mohawk from Upstate NY with Territory being in Kanahwake Canada.


I am 4th generation Entertainer and Educator on Native Culture. My Great Grandpa Big Mountain worked for the Buffalo Bills Wild West Show in Ponca City Oklahoma and also my Grandfather during the last years of the 101 Ranch. My Mom and Uncle (Martin) helped form an educational Native group in NY City called The Thunderbirds which is still performing to this day.


From songs and dances of the American Indian to living history encampments. Traveling around the US doing educational programs was a way of life for me for many years! Now I am stationary here in Kissimmee Florida and am running the Village full time with only a few big shows on the road now. You never know where I may be performing having been doing this over 50 years!


GoNativeNow Native Programs is a passion of mine and I take pride in every program that I do! I am PROUD to be a Osceloa County Small Business Owner!!

The Gallery

Programs We Offer

“Lifestyle of Living on the Southern Plains” Living history Comanche encampment that will bring you on a journey from a primitive lifestyle and wind up in the 1880’s Wild West!


“Iron Horse Singers and Dancers” Songs and dances of the American Indian. Educational and fun for the whole family!


“Earth Skills” Fire, purifying water, shelter, cordage and food.


“Primitive Cooking” Ash cooking, cooking with stones, cooking on stone, pottery cooking, gourd cooking and even bamboo! Friction fire as well as flint and steel.


“Primitive Medicines and Eatable Vegetation” Take a woods walk and realize that you have a buffet and a medicine cabinet in your back yard!


“Go Native” Music show with drumming, singing and even flute music! Join in with rattles, bells and shakers for a jam session with us and Go Native!

“Jororo Native Village” Take a journey back in time at the Living History Native Village located inside Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures! 3 new shows with visual demonstrations will help you understand how one family would have lived in the Florida Swamps 500 years ago!! Museum Hut will show you many Original Florida Artifacts! I am offering 3 new shows! Go to Facebook @ Jororo Native Village for more information.




“Go Native Scout Programs” Boy Scout, Cub Scouts (Introduction to Indian Lore) Indian Guides, Girl Scouts, Brownies. I have a program or a show for you! Living History with lots of visuals! Private primitive CAMPOUTS available for your group at Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures.
Jororo Native Village is Exclusively at “BOGGY CREEK AIRBOAT ADVENTURES”! bcairboats.com


We provide year-round full and part-time education.
Call 678-602-5868